Rural Dwelling Design Guides

At this stage most planning authorities  in Ireland have their own dedicated rural dwelling design guide.  These guides provide the applicant with information on what is required in terms of the design of rural dwellings and their siting within the landscape. It is always advisable to consult the guide for a particular county before lodging an application for a rural dwelling.  Moreover, it is vital that the application clearly demonstrates how the proposed development accords with the relevant design guide as this is what the planners will be assessing.

Cork Rural Design Guide

The design guide which is most often referred to is the ‘Cork Rural Design Guide: building a new house in the countryside’ (2004) , probably because of the fact that it was one of the earliest rural dwelling design guides published and influenced many of the subsequent guides.

A link to the Cork Rural Design Guide is provided below:

Cork Rural Design Guide



A good article summarising the main points in the Cork  Rural Design Guide appeared in the Farmer Journal – see link below

Cork Rural Design Guide – Farmer’s Journal, 2004

The Cork Rural Design Guide covers:

Site selection: reading the landscape, seeking shelter and integration, assessing a site’s potential, linking with the land

Site layout: twenty things to consider, orientation, mapping the sunpath, searching for the best site options, dealing with contours, running with the slope, rural gardens, creating boundaries, trees and shrubs found in Cork, making an entrance

Appropriate house Design:contemporary rural design, signature characteristics of a Cork rural house, proportion, height, scale and form

Good construction: roofs, chimneys, windows, dormers, doors, porches, conservatories / sunspaces, external finishes, stone, colour

A worked example: bringing it together, preplanning, sketch design, legal notices, planning drawings


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